Rune Engelbreth Larsen
Essays and comments on Politics and Culture

> How the Danish People's Party Challenges the Open and Inclusive Society (2014)
Misconceptions and doublestandards that characterizes the political agenda of the Danish People's Party

> The cartoon crisis - How and Why it All Began in Denmark (2010)
A closer look into the biggest crisis in Denmark since World War II

> The 'Resistance Movement' Against Danish Right-Wing Radicalism (2009)
A statement 'by' Ogier the Dane, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Little Match-Girl & Hamlet

> An Open Letter to Obama on Danish Racism (2009)
We respectfully request a few moments of your precious time for an important video-message ...

> The Danish Caricature Crisis - an Investigation of Background and Responsibilities (2006)
Conclusions from a study by Tøger Seidenfaden and Rune Engelbreth Larsen

> Danish Hate Speech and Xenophobia (2006)
A brief introdoctiun to islamophobic tendencies ind Denmark

> Contributing to a new humanism (2006)
Mission statement for this website and its author

> The Cartoon Crisis and Danish Islamophobia (2006)
Danish People's Party is the prime source to Danish Islamophobia

> The Copenhagen Declaration on Islamophobia (2006)
Approximately 1.000 people attended this conference on Islamophobia in Copenhagen

> Matrix and the Metaphysical Film Revolution (2004)
The Matrix Trilogy alternates between several frames of reference

> The Terror Myth (2003)
The terror risk is a minor global threat, but thrives from exaggeration

> People versus Man (2000)
People is an abstract concept, whereas the individual is concrete and existent

> The End of the World As We Know It (1999)
The end of the world has passed us bye

> The Renaissance Humanism in the Third Millennium (1999)
Towards a new humanism inspired by the Renaissance

> War and Propaganda (1999)
How advanced war and propaganda has become in modern times

> Relativism and Humanism (1999)
Each person is characterized by individual dispositions, ideas and preferences

> Paradigms and Paradigm Changes (1996)
Changes in the foundation of cultural concepts and worldviews

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